ZN73-12P series vacuum circuit breaker
ZN73-12P series is 12kV, three-phase AC 50Hz indoor middle voltage switch, which can be used for control and protection of electrical equipment in industries, mines, enterprises, power plants and substations.
Features and Highlights

The main electric circuit adopts embedded pole. Epoxy resin is casted outside the vacuum interrupter. The influence of the external environment of the pole is minimized, and its external insulation can be free from the influence of dust, moisture, small animals, condensation and pollution, which fully meets the creepage distance requirements of class II pollution area specified in GB / DL standard;

The product can be installed in both trolley type switchgear and fixed type switchgear. It has the advantages of long service life, simple maintenance, no pollution, no explosion risk and low noise. It is also suitable for places with frequent operation, such as power transformation and distribution stations and switching capacitor banks that require small floor area, oil-free and high safety and reliability.

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