BWL-Z intelligent combined low voltage switchgear
Used in automobile manufacturing, rail transit, sewage treatment, airport and terminal, data center, iron and steel metallurgy, power plant, paper printing, petrochemical industry, municipal infrastructure, food and medicine, tobacco and wine, environmental protection treatment and other power fields.
Features and highlights

The cabinet frame is composed of C-shaped columns, beams and aluminum alloy corner connectors with aluminum zinc plate reinforcement. The cabinet body is changed by E = 25mm modular hole, so the configuration and combination are flexible and convenient;

The key parts of the cabinet adopt aluminum zinc coated plate, which greatly enhances the anti-corrosion ability and mechanical strength, meeting the needs of maintenance free;

The closing position of drawer has mechanical interlock to prevent misoperation. The drawer panel has three position functions: operation positioning and locking, position display and closing interlock;

The communication system adopts the open PROFIBUS field bus, and combines with the devices with the same protocol to form an intelligent system, so as to realize the four remote functions.

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