Prefabricated substation
Prefabricated substation
YB□ series and YKW series prefabricated substation are independently developed and produced by our company. Through long-term continuous improvement, the technology of the products has been quite mature. The latest FRP material box shell meets the special requirements of thermal insulation and anti-corrosion, and can be put into operation after modular transportation, field combination and wiring. It is suitable for 40.5kV and below three-phase AC 50 Hz power transmission, transformation and distribution system. It is widely used in public power distribution, residential buildings, factories and mining enterprises, road lighting, modular switching station and temporary construction power supply, etc.
Features and highlights

Outdoor design, long service life;

Compact design, high practical efficiency;

The partition board between each compartment and the envelope of incoming and outgoing lines shall prevent dust and moisture from entering;

The door, top cover and side plate are provided with heat insulation layer, which has heat insulation function;

The assembled structure makes it easy to replace individual units;

The components are easy to disassemble and install;

It can effectively prevent condensation;

The shell is made of recyclable materials, which meets the requirements of environmental protection;

Multi-purpose design, coordinated with the environment.

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