XL distribution box
XL series power distribution box is designed by our company combined with different control equipment. It is suitable for power control of power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises and various terminal power distribution fields, such as soft start control, power automatic compensation control, generator parallel control, electromagnetic DC distribution control, self-coupling step-down start control, various floor fan control, etc.
Features and highlights

XL-21 power distribution box is divided into two types. The box height of 1700mm and 1800mm is ordinary type (P type). The box is installed independently, and the inlet and outlet holes can be opened at the top according to the requirements; The box with a height of 1900 mm is of top bus type (M type), and the top of the box is equipped with a removable cover plate to facilitate the installation and removal of the bus;

The box is made of section steel frame, the door plate. Side and rear sealing plates are detachable. The installation plate and side beam can be adjusted. The installation and maintenance is flexible and convenient. The structure is compact, and the versatility is good;

Investment casting adjustable hinge is adopted, and the door opening is more than 135 °;

The mounting bracket in the box can be adjusted as a whole after the components are installed;

The installation and cable inlet/outlet can be done according to different application environment. It has strong generality and can be combined with multiple sets.

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